Tuesday, 27 October 2015

CIA Director Personal Email Account hacked by highschool student hacker

A highschool Students claimed to own hacked AOL personal email Account of John Brennan CIA Director (Central Intelligence Agency) and prime secret database was swipted.
The law enforcement unit officially told to CNN news that John Brennan (CIA Director) and Jeh Johnson (Department of Homeland Security Secretary) were hacked.

According to Alleged Hacker given first interview to New York Post said that  AOL email account is attached with Brennan includes security clearance application files and also claimed that the Comcast account have accesed  and associated with Jh Johnson.
Law Enforcement Department said that  Hacker does not accessed any important information

The Hacker told to New York Post that he use very simple trick to hack Brennan Account .
Hacker use a "Social Engineering" Trick to gather information of a person and using this information he attacks on their account.
The alleged Hacker also told that first he trick verizon employee into giving Brennan info and get AOL to reset his password, sending the reset to hacker

According to Hacker, Sensitive files include in Bennan Email accounts
Security Clearance of 47 page application
SSN number (Social Security Number)
Interrogation Techniques used in terrorist Suspect

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