Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Silk Road Mentor Arrested in Thiland

Federal Authorities confirmed that Roger Thomas Clark mentor of silk Road mastermind 
Ross Ulbricht, in Thiland had arrested.
Department of Justice release a press and reveals Clark, whose names "Variety Jones,"
"VJ", "Cimon", and "Mongoose", regularly advised Ulbricht on going management
of the underground web marketplace. 
Federal authorities was arrested Ross Ulbricht in October 2013 and convicted seven 
conspiracy charge in February 2015 and after two months, sentenced to life in prison
According to Ars Technica, during Ulbricht’s arrest one of the documents seized was 
Clark’s scanned Canadian passport.
Moustache an independent researcher linked Clark to the silk Road.
Clark faces charges of narcotics conspiracy and money laundering. Currently 
Clark is awaiting extradition from a jail in Thailand to the united states.

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